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  1. The buyer commits to the sellers transactional procedures by signing this procedures overview.
  2. The seller will deliver the manifest directly to the buyer via email for evaluation. The buyer will have 48 hours to notify the seller of his intent to purchase the parcel.
  3. The buyer will send a bank statement directly to the seller via email. The account numbers and other private information can be omitted.
  4. The buyer and seller will agree upon a date for the tabletop transaction at Brinks or Malca Amit in either New York or Los Angeles.
  5. The buyer will bring a current dated bank statement to the seller at the tabletop meeting. The seller will have the parcel available for viewing by the buyer and his gemologist. The transaction will be finalized in the secured facility of Malca Amit or Brinks.

Buyer has confirmed with full corporate authority under the penalty of perjury, that they are ready willing and able to enter into an agreement with the Seller, to purchase rough uncut diamonds, that are clean, clear and of non-criminal origin or blood diamonds with complete documentation, in exchange for payment that is of non-criminal origin via

Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Check

BUYERS NAME: _____________________

SIGNATURE: ________________________

DATE: ___________

Incoming search terms:

  • rough dimaond by malcaamit

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